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At Madina Oryx we strive not to be a contractor but a strategic partner that can embed itself 24.7.365 days a year in helping you to solve some of your most complex and critical engineering situations. Today no company in the energy industry has the luxury of seeing its equipment falter or under-perform, resulting in the loss of revenues, delayed deliverables, a shutdown or even worse, a natural and environmental disaster.

Identifying the capable and reliable actors and partners in the network of Engineering Services within the energy and energy related industries is becoming more complex. Madina Oryx brings a local-ability and a regional collaborative mindset that is testament to Qatar's competitiveness.

Objectives and rational for engagement with Madina Oryx:
  • Capacity and capability
  • Location, location, location
  • Experienced management, engineers and technicians
  • Accreditations
  • Overall strategic fit
Electrical Motors & Generators

Without consistent generation of power, productivity is virtually impossible. At Madina Oryx, we understand the vital importance that the consistent performance and reliability of your electrical motors and generators has on your ability to deliver.  It is for this reason that we have partnered with ABB, Qatar's leading provider of electrical motors and generators repair and maintenance services, to ensure that all of your associated needs, on and off the project site, are catered for.

At ABB Oryx Electrical Motors & Generators, we are brand agnostic and open to servicing all brands throughout the State of Qatar and wider Middle East and sub-Sahara African countries.


Dining at a restaurant with an open kitchen always feels better.  So does working with Madina Oryx in a collaborative transparent environment to establish trust whilst tackling projects and mandates together at our centre of excellence and  jointly developing new success recipes;  whether it is re-boring a pump, casing or machining a rotor.

At Madina Oryx, we cover the entire spectrum of machining services from simple work to the machining of ‘exotic’ materials and the high tolerance/super finishing of large and complex components in accordance with OEM standards.

We service all of these needs in house and offer a truly local service for your local problems, enabling your technical teams to embed with us and experience unbeatable turnaround times.

HVOF & Cladding

Consider this mix; one of the harshest and most demanding operating environments, temperatures of 40-45oC, increasing doses of sour gas and corrosion with demanding pressures ranging up to 30,000 psi.  Do you not think it is time for an overhaul?

At Madina Oryx we re-dress and bring new life to your assets and drastically improve your operational expenditure.  We apply protective coatings with fully robotic control equipment under the watchful guidance supervision of some of the industry's most discerning and technically capable hands and eyes.


The key performance indicator for rotating is balance. The daily wear and tear of pumps, compressors, turbines, turbo chargers and engines, makes the complexity of being without them extremely costly and directly affects productivity and hampers asset management.

At Madina Oryx, balance is not just a technology term and jargon but a way of working. Balancing a motor or an engine is not only about having the latest equipment, but also an unwavering commitment and mind set rotating around quality, performance and value generation.

Our ability to do this in the proximity of your facilities and on your doorstep, under the auspices of an expert team, gives you the peace of mind that your sensitive equipment will not only travel the least distance but that the likelihood of receiving your rotating equipment unbalanced is eradicated.

Valve Repairs

Valves in the energy sector play the same role as cardiac valves in the human body; they are the vital actors in the flow of oil, gas and water 24/7/365 days a year.

At Madina Oryx we understand how critical this need is and we are able to pressure test control valves and actuators up to 30,000psi and pressure relief valves up to 15,000psi in a ‘specialized test pit’ environment which has been certified to withstand blast pressures.

Perhaps the most continuous and ongoing pressure tests at OES are conducted on our team and their unique capabilities. As a result, with decades of hands-on and real life field and project experience weq continue to deliver an outstanding, reliable and consistently important service to our clients and customers.

Mechanical Seals

Sealing the deal in the business world can be a challenge but sealing rotating equipment that carry tons of oil, gas and petrochemical products under some of the harshest climatic conditions can be daunting and for sure vital.

There is no room for error or underperformance.   Due to this, Madina Oryx Engineering Solutions has joined forces with AESSEAL, the 4th largest company in the Mechanical Seals sector.

AESSEAL boasts 230 locations in 104countries around the world and has decided to shape a Joint Venture with Madina Oryx engineering Solutions to serve Qatar and the greater MEA region.

We collect your mechanical seals at site, repair, overhaul and test them to their limits, in the test rigs that can be programmed to validate seal designs against pre-determined criteria, including:
  • shaft speeds (to 45,000rpm)
  • challenging temperatures (280°C/536°F)
  • high pressures  (350 bar/5,000psi)

We stand by our work, guarantee the quality and offer a ‘no-work, no-pay’ warranty and guaranteed 48-hour shipment of standard products (as part of a seal management program).

Find out more

For further technical information regarding each of the above discipline capabilities and capacities, please download our technical prospectus here

To gain a better understanding of our capabilities and receive details about some of our real-life case studies, please contact us at enquiries@moes.qa

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